HMAS Melbourne 1967

planes09planes11planes01planes08planes07planes051967 HMAS Melbourne OrdME's leave in Sydney

1967 early when drafted to HMAS Melbourne as Ord ME’s (before we left Japan) this photo taken at a downstairs nightclub called the Hawaiian Eye in Sydney. L-R Dave Kelleher, P. Edwards, Gordon Obst, Malcolm McQueen and Marien De Smid







bott/left- Alan Cartwright, center – Skull McFarlane


Photograph (3)

Above are a couple of old rugby photos of time gone by.
The small top photo was taken in Nowra in June 1972 with me bottom left  and
Bob Mcillwain bottom right. We played in the local Rugby League group 7  NSW
country competition for Nowra. Ian Larsen ,next to Bob is now deceased and
was a birdie Technical officer, some may remember him if you served on the
Melbourne. Swead as he was known was a great footballer who represented Navy
and Combined services many times.Joe Cedro in the back row was also from the
Navy at HMAS Albatross.
The bottom photo was taken at the British naval base HMS Terror in Sembawang
Singapore in June 1967 during our Far East Strategic Deployment on HMAS
Alan Cartwright is top row, third left, Ron (Wally ) Wallace our powerful
front rower is top row, fifth left. I am bottom row far right. If you ever
served on Melbourne or played Rugby in the Navy you will recognise others in
the photo.
Forty five years old are these photos, sure passes quickly, hope to
see you all at our 50th reunion in Adelaide next April 2016.                                                           Cheers   Buck (Bruce) Rodgers.


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