Defence Hazardous Exposure Register

Below is the number to ring and register with DEFENCE Hazardous Exposure Register including Asbestos.

You call, tell the automated response that you want the Hazardous Exposure Register and you are then connected to a real human, who will ask a few questions, supply you with a Registration Number and send you an information list of nasties that you may have been exposed to.

Also, there is a form to submit that requests that you get checked for any exposure to any of the nasties, fill out and send back with your registration number and a medical test will be arranged.

If you have been exposed to other substances, you can also contact them with your registration number and list the other nasties, as in Gamlen D and X, Toluene, etc.

Number is 1800 333362

Note, this number is for DEFENCE REGISTER, not an Government Asbestos Register which is available on a different site.