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05/11/2019          Vale:- Graham Fry

22/10/2019          Email from Phil Bowie:-  Bit of news from the North, I’ll be celebrating my 70th Birthday in Cairns next months as per attachment. Everyone’s invited 🤗 My Birthday is actually on the 11/11/1949 two days later, I have a commitment on that date over the years in Cairns, I lay a wreath at the Cairns RSL Cenetaf every year for all our  past Indigenous Serviceman.

21/10/2019          Sick Bay:- Information from Paul (Pud) Edwards

20/7/2019          Sick Bay:-  Update from Terry Peisley

13/07/2019          Reunions:- 2019 Reunion:-  Photos added.

03/07/2019         Members Only:- Sick Bay:- an update on Terry (Ding) Peisley

14/06/2019          Reunions:- Reunion 2019:-  Photos will be posted when they become available.

07/06/2019         Vale:-  Robin Baily 

23/11/2018          Reunions:- Brisbane Reunion 2019 update

13/11/2018          Matters of Intertest:-  Defence Hazerdous Exposure Register                                  >>>click here

31/10/2018          Reunions:- update 2019 Brisbane reunion.

21/10/2018          Reunions:-  Proposed 2019 Brisbane Reunion

20/09/2018          Vale:-    Jeff Jones

28/04/2018          Reunions:- Coolangatta Mini Meet 2018:-  

08/03/2018          Vale:-    Kim Skaar

09/01/2018          Members Only:- Newsletter – Current:-  December 2017 Newsletter. Thanks to John Woods.

03/01/2018          Reunion 2018 :-  The organising Committee has decided to postpone the 2018 Reunion which was to be held on the Tweed Coast in April due to numbers  attending. We understand it was a difficult time for a lot of members due to Anzac Day commitments. A future date will be decided with the same venue of the Tweed Coast.

18/10/2017            Vale:- Chris Balven

25/09/2017          Reunions:- Reunion 2018:-  Update from the Organising Committee. >>> click here

24/09/2017          Members Only:- Newsletter – Current:-  June 2017 Newsletter Thanks to John Woods.

30/05/2017          Vale:-  Noel Bon.

29/04/2017          Reunions:-  Reunion 2018:-  Update from Lindsay Shanks  >>> click here

12/03/2017          Andy Mills (Assoc.Secretary / Treasurer ) new email address                                                                 .. leeuwin14@mail.com

14/02/2017          Main Menu:- Ships of our Era:– submissions welcome

13/02/2017          Members Only:- Sick Bay:- Terry (Keg) Crawley >>>click here

28/01/2017          Members Only:- Proposed Association Banner

                                 UPDATED  12/2/2017   >>>click here

08/01/2017          Members Only:- Newsletter:- Current:-  December 2016 Newsletter added. Thanks to John Woods   >>>click here

08/01/2017          Members Only:-  password change. Email sent to all members re new password to access the Members Only menu.

11/01/2017          Main Menu:- Photo Gallery:- Other Bits:-   Maurie Graham submitted a few pics of Boogie Street.   >>>click here