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28/12/2015          Main Menue:- Post of The Month:-  Jeff Wake’s update re sale of Leeuwin. A few surprises, a must read.

26/12/2015          Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Derwent:- Comment from Dennis Camplin.

22/12/2015          Members Only:- Current Newsletter:- Thanks to Woods’y the December 2015 Newsletter has been posted.

30/11/2015          Members Only:- All pages have glitch removed.

24/11/2015          Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:- RAN Air Station Broome WA. A young John Woods.

23/11/2015          Reunions:- 2016:- The up-to-date Invitation, Itinerary & Registration for the Adelaide Reunion. Can be accessed, viewed and printed via home page logo.

11/11/2015          Members Only: Newsletters: Current:- Thanks to John the September Newsletter has been added.

05/11/2015           Post of The Month:- Follow-up letter re sale of Leeuwin.

29/10/2015          Post of The Month:- Update on the sale of Leeuwin (link on home page)

01/09/2015          Vale:-  Information to all 14th Intakers.  It is with great sadness that our mate Rob ‘Croc’ Crocker passed away in Townsville Hospital 29th August 2015. An email has been sent to all members and the Vale page will be updated in due course.

25/08/2015          Comments:-  Message received from Steve Alexander. Looking to renew his membership and attend our 50th in Adelaide. Great Steve.

13/08/2015          Comments:-  Message received ….”Would appreciate any information in regard to connecting with Neville Sharp”. With thanks , Peter Lawrance. Anyone who can help Peter please contact him through the webmaster.

26/07/2015          Members Only:- Newsletter – current.  June 2015 newsletter added.

21/07/2015          Links:-  Past Editions of Navy News from the late 50’s

07/07/2015          Photos & Bits:- Life Now:-  A couple of photos taken in London.

03/07/2015          Members Only:-  The password to the members only section has been changed, if any member hasn’t received the new password please contact the webmaster. The Members Only section has been changed, you will only have to submit the password once to access all pages, a little easier with less fuss.

27/06/2015          Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Perth:- Great collection of pics from Pud Edwards of the Perth during the Vietnam campaign.

20/06/2015         Photos & Bits:- Life Now:-  Photo of Max & Maurie in London.

26/04/2015          Members Only:- Face Book:-  Email from Alan Cartwright re Face Book.

12/04/2015          Comment Received:-  From Roly Walker (Marks 1) via web site. Great website to all concerned. Have been living in NZ since 1971. Some good memories on this site. Cheers

07/04/2015          Main Page:- Post of the Month:-  Article submitted by Dave Ardrey  re Sale of Leeuwin.

29/03/2015          Vale:-  Information received from Chris Mitchell. Fred Zagami has crossed the bar, 14th April 2012.

29/03/2015          Email from Chris Mitchell:-  Updates for the history project have now closed.  The draft is with a friend who are now editing the document for producing it as a DVD book. This should be completed by July 2015 when I revisited them. The cost for a book with limited numbers is about $250, DVD approx $30 to 50. Have found out that Fred Zagami is deceased. 14 April 2012. Will update with further news of the history as it comes to hand.  Mitch

07/03/2015          Home Page:- Post of the month:- (below David Hicks article) ADF to get IMAM this will “rock your socks”

06/03/2015          Members Only:- Newsletter:- Current:- March 2015 Newsletter added.

04/03/2015          Photos & Bits:- Various Anzac Days:- Video (youtube) link added to “Anzac on the Wall”.

01/03/2015          Home Page:- Important Message re Anzac Day 2015. Click on box to read.

21/02/2015          Home Page:- Post of the Month:- From an email received, a little on David Hicks. This not been posted to promote him, (far from it) its just an article of interest.

14/02/2015          Email received from Des DeSmid:-      G’day Max,

Des Desmid here, 10th Intake 6th Jan. 1965.  I suspect you thought I’m Marien, my younger brother who joined in Jan. ’66 AND used my name as his nickname. Which is a pisspoor act but shit happens. Don’t know where he is or anything about him as he disassociated himself from us.  I done 20 yrs. service and know quite a few lads from your intake. We had a great 50th reunion last month in Sydney, can’t wait till our 100th comes around …..    Check out our website.  jr10thers.org   Bit of trivia for you mate ~ we were the last of the 4 divisions old names and first of 2 divisions 2 names. First of 4 intakes a year and first to go to new 2 storey brick dongas with showers & toilets + laundry in the same building! from the old wooden huts, outside toilets/showers/laundry. First to use new scran hall, etc, etc …. Bloody marvelous, a lot of fond memories and good mates till this day. Brenda & I have caravan round good old Oz and called into see mates in our travels, for a cuppa and a yarn, and sometimes stayed for a week or so. Some I hadn’t seen since leaving Leeuwin and the friendships still remains. Another highlight was the Leeuwin Reunion in Perth 2010. Now, was that well organised and a blast. Catching up with old shipmates and rugby mates and the ‘remember when’ moments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Well cobber, I wish you well trust you’ll have a top 50th reunion in the not to distant future. Doesn’t time fly when your having fun. 

Seeya,        Des 

  A  guest  sees  more  in  an  hour ………..   Than  a  host  sees  in  a  year    

04/02/2015          Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Melbourne:- A couple of Rugby Team photos. Thanks to Buck Rodgers.

22/01/2015          Home Page:- Post of the Month:- (A new gadget) .. a new article of special interest or thats “worth a read” will be posted each month. Submissions welcome.

16/01/2015          Members Only:- Matters of Interest:- Urgent request from Chris Mitchell re submissions of Individual Profile. (short cut on home page). Now deleted

15/01/2015          Photos & Bits:- Navy in Focus:-  Web links to 5 films “Navy in Focus”.  thanks Buck Rogers.

13/01/2015          Members Only:- Matters of Interest:- An article by Bernard Gaynor.

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