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20/12/2014          Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Melbourne:-  A few photos from Tink Tancock, Wessex & Gannet recovery.

01/12/2014           Reunions:- Past:- 1996 Adelaide:- Photo from Pud Edwards.

01/12/2014          Life in Leeuwin:- Photo of a young Pud Edwards

01/12/2014          Members Only:- Newsletter:- Current:- November Newsletter added.

17/11/2014          Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Perth:- a couple of photos from Pud Edwards.

14/11/2014          Photos & Bits:- Life Now:-  Photo from Pud Edwards of his MX bike days, Photo from Dave Kelleher of his professional duties at home.

02/11/2014           Members Only:- Mug Shots/Group Mugs:-  individual & group photos taken at the passing out ball Dec’66. photos thanks to Tink Tancock.  RUN CURSER OVER PIC FOR DETAILS.

02/11/2014          Members Only:- Mug Shots:- Unknown Mugs:-   Can anyone identify these “mugs” ?

02/11/2014          Members Only:- Roll Call:-  updated

31/10/2014          Vale:- more details and photos added.

02/10/2014          Members Only:- Matters of Interest:- (bottom of page) From an email received … Written by a British housewife to her daily newspaper. Highly politically incorrect but how true and courageous!

01/10/2014          Members Only:- Members Comments (Guestbook):- A Guestbook for Members Only Comments has been added. This has been set-up on a trial basis.

09/09/2014          Members Only:- Roll Call:- Update from Dave Ardrey.

05/09/2014         Reunions:- 2016:- Update from the 2016 50th Reunion Organising  Committee. Thanks Pud.

03/09/2014        Photos & Bits:- Life in Leeuwin:-  A few more photos from Pud Edwards.

03/09/2014        Members Only:- Newsletter/Current:-  July 2014 Newsletter added.

20/08/2014        Photos & Bits:- Life After Leeuwin:-A couple of loose lads in 1972. Thanks Pud.

20/08/2014        Reunions:- Perth 1997:- A couple of photos from Tink & Pud.

15/08/2014        Members Only:- Matters of Interest:- This is an article received from Pud Edwards. Very interesting reading of a matter that should concern us all, thanks Pud.

13/08/2014        Photos & Bits:- Life in Leeuwin:- Photo from Tink Tancock … Barry Bedford, Tink & Paul Hill at Pauls home 1966.

04/08/2014        Comment posted on Vale:- from John Hogg (friend). Rowan Stanley Saunders passed away 15th April 2014 at the Canberra Hospice. Details posted to Vale.

30/07/2014        Photos & Bits:- Life Now:- Judge Reilly at his best. Taken at Greenbank RSL at a recent Naval Assoc wine tasting.

24/07/2014        About Us/Association History:- Thanks to Mitch our history has now been updated from 2006-2013.

24/07/2014        New Page .. Photos & Bits:- Other Bits:- A Different Bird:- A crowing magpie. Lives at the Pink Panther Pub in Larrimah NT.

18/07/2014        Members Only:- Health Issues:- The Poisonous Environment Existing in the RAN.  A must read especially by ex Engineering Personnel.

16/07/2014        Links:- The new HMS Queen Elizabeth. The poms can build their own ships .. why can’t we ? Submitted by Pud Edwards.

16/07/2014        Front Page Updated

13/07/2014        Photos:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Teal. Submitted by Judge Reilly.

13/07/2014        Photos:- Other Bits:- photo of Harry’s Cafe De Wheels 60’s-70’s. Submitted by Judge Rielly.

13/07/2014        Photos:- Life After Leeuwin:- HMAS Duchess.  Submitted by Maurie Graham

10/07/2014        Members Only:- password change. If you haven’t received your email as to the new password .. contact Andy Mills or Webmaster.

10/07/2014        New page .. Members Only:-  HMAS Leeuwin Abuse Report .. response from Chief of Navy.  Extracted from .. news.navy.gov.au 

06/07/2014        New page .. Members Only.. HMAS Leeuwin Abuse Report 2014.     Submitted by Maurie Graham.

02/07/2014        Reunions .. Unknown Reunion(s):- Photos added. Compliments of Janette Cavanagh. 12/06/2014         Photos .. Life Now:- Photo added. Compliments of Pud Edwards.

02/06/2014        Comment from Denis Wescombe:-  Fantastic Web site Max Look forward to any updates. Dennis. John I have changed my email address (noted) could you please send me the latest news letter. Thanks.

15/05/2014        New Page .. Main Menu .. Photos & Bits:- The Leeuwin Way  Written by Rob Scott (Rhodes Div.) 16th Intake 1966. This is a fantastic one man’s recollection of his time in Leeuwin. There is not a word out of place. Compliments Judge Reily.

15/05/2014         Photo:- Life in Leeuwin:- Photos added, compliments of Paul (Judge) Reilly.

08/05/2014       Reunion 2016:- Email from Pud Edwards re first report of progress by the organising committee for the 2016 50th Anniversary Reunion in Adelaide.

07/05/2014       Email from Chris Mitchell:-  Hi Max, Yes I am a slacko in getting stuff to you. Have been busy moving to Tassie, in March. Back to Lithgow in late April and caught with John and Willy Woods on the north bound trip.  Got back to Devonport on the 1 may after getting refresher training for the  sea legs on the Spirit. Will heading back to Lithgow and Sydney at the end of May-June for the Melbourne- F.E Evans reunion. Presently working on the infor from 2006 to 2013 for you.  Give me a few days.  Ta mitch

06/05/2014      Comment from Dave Kelleher:-    Hi all,  Had a great Anzac Day in Goulburn with my Grand daughters and family. Even managed to get the “Birdie” son in law to march. Very embarrising to admit my Daughter married a birdie.                     Looking forward to 2016 in SA.   Dave

25/04/2014      Photos:- Various Anzac Days:- Photo added Anzac Day at Greenbank RSL (Bris)

18/04/2014       Comment from Mark Bolger:-  Hi, to keep the list up to date I was in Morrow 1. Must search through my photo albums and see if I can dig up a few from 66/67, albeit one will probably have a white stripe on the shoulder.  regards Mark

08/04/2014       New page added .. Membership Form .. Application and Renewal form.

08/04/2014       State Reps:- Updated   Committee Members:- Updated

08/04/2014      Members Only – News Letter – Current:- April Newsletter added.

03/04/2014       Email from Dan Dubbeld (Rhodes 1): Requesting to come aboard. Info passed on to Andy.

03/04/2014       New page added:- Members Only – Sick Bay. If you know of anyone who isn’t “the best” let us know, maybe we can send a few ‘well wishes’.

06/03/2014      Comment from Dave Kelleher:-  Makes you realise how old I really am. still act like a young stoker when I am allowed though. Good work on the site Max… well done.     Dave

05/03/2014      Comment from Dan Dubbeld:- Great site guys.Brings back memories. You’re looking a bit rounder than the last time I saw you Dave. What do I need to do to sign up as a member? Regards, Aye. Dan Dubbeld R95243 Ex POQMG

25/02/2014      Comment from Pete Morrow:- Congratulations Max, you have done a wonderful job of the website, it was great catching up with you in Canberra after all these years. With this new website hopefully we will see many more new faces for the next reunion.

19/02/2014      Email from Grahame Craggs:- Thanks Max, Good to see some comments from Ding Peisley, I used to stay at his place when on leave. I had some contact with him briefly a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Grahame

19/02/2014      Comment from John Ferguson:- Some great photos, some great memories, I’ll have to add mine.

19/02/2014       Comment from Graham Craggs:- Hi, I’ve only just discovered that there is this site devoted to us! I was transferred to the RNZN as all the family had moved here in 1969 and continued service here until discharge…… Grahame Craggs (Pommy) now Pastor Grahame Craggs (Baptist Church NZ)

19/02/2014      About Us/Association History:- Submitted by our Historian Chris Mitchell.

09/02/2014      Members Only pages:- under construction.

01/02/2014      Photos / Life in Leeuwin:- New photos compliments of  Ding Peisley.

31/01/2014      Comment from Terry(Ding) Peisley:-  Good Work Max. Sorry I missed the last Reunion but will definitely be at the NEXT ONE in Adelaide 2016. I miss my dear MATE “Monty”.  Hi to Pete Morrow and Hi to Allan Cartwright. Hope to see the rest of you fellas in good health in Adelaide. I miss my dear mate “Monty”. All the best from Terry (Ding) & Jeannie.

04/01/2014         Vale:  Peter J.McIntosh early 1980’s. (would like more info if anyone can help)

03/01/2014         Main Menu:- Links – some Web Sites that maybe of interest.

03/01/2014        The History of Leeuwin:- The Story of the RAN’s Junior Recuits (by Brian Adams) needs PDF reader. Submitted by Doug Arnold.


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