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13/12/2013      Photos:- Life Now .. A few fishing photos from Rob Crocker and Max Winter (Photo Gallery – Misc)

06/12/2013      Photos:- Life in Leeuwin. Compliments of John Woods.

05/12/2013      Photos:-  Life After Leeuwin:- 1967 on the Yarra,   Reunions:-Photos Reunion Adelaide 2008. Compliments of Doug Arnold.

04/12/2013      Comment from Pud Edwards:- Great work Max to get this up and running! Didn’t realise we were in same class Marks 2 at Leeuwin, thought I only got to know you on Melb. and when we went down to Cerberus for our course. Shows what the memory does over time…. Come to think of it a lot of memory of Leeuwin is fading, except doing work duties: Grease traps, Sullage hut, scullery and the occasional chooks!

04/12/2013      Comment from Andy Mills:-Congratulations on getting the web site up and running.  From what I can see looks exactly as we were talking about in Canberra.  We are still in the USA, and after our return home, and probably after Christmas, will be in touch to discuss further additions and improvements to the site.  Well done 04/12/2013      Comment from Brian Willey:-Great work on the new website Max; Bravo Zulu.

03/12/2013      Comment from Alan Cartwright:- Max, First of all well done for putting in the effort to set up the web page.  Just a couple of things though, Fremantle is spelt with one E not two, and how do we sign up before logging in? Look forward to checking it out more often.  Alan Cartwright

03/12/2013      Comment from Maurie Graham:- Congratulations Max, its been a lot of work for you, but the website is great and will be appreciated by all of us old Leeuwin blokes.

28/11/2013      Sailors Slang:- Directory of sailors slang added

27/11/2013      Reunions:- 2006 ,2009 & 2013 Reunion photos …. more to come. 2013 photos thanks to Mike Moffatt.

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